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Sports Day 2013

Yesterday we had Sports Day. All classes participated. We had activities on the field such as sack races, athletic races, egg and spoon, welly throwing, a three-legged race and even an obstacle course. There was also a tug of war. 5th and 6th had a tug of war between them and 6th won. In the Hall there was unihoc set up which is a
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6th Class Trip To Delphi

On Tuesday June 11th, 6th class went on their final school tour to the Delphi Adventure Centre in Leenane Co. Galway with Ms Hynes and Mr. Quinn. We stayed overnight and we did five activities while we stayed there – raft-building, forest walk, kayaking, zipwire and rock climbing/abseiling. We left the school at 10am and arrived at the centre at 12.30. When we arrived
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Mr. Mc Grogary took a team of 12 players ( 6 boys & 6 girls) to a  rounder’s blitz in Collooney.  To get on the team the players had to try out. The tryouts included catching the rounders ball  and Mr. Mc Grogary throwing the rounders ball which you had to hit with the bat. The more times you hit the sliotar, the closer you
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Newsletter 18.02.13

  Dear Parents, I hope this letter finds you all well. This note contains some important update and points of information. Mrs. Lee Retirement Mrs. Lee is taking early retirement from her teaching post at Ransboro National School.  Mrs. Lee has taught many pupils in Ransboro National School over the years and has been a most dedicated, committed and caring member of our staff
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Angry Birds in PE

Last month in PE the class were working on throwing and aiming.  Most students are aware of the game Angry Birds, where a bird is catapulted towards a structure trying to knock it down and get the pigs inside the structure to roll away.  The point of this activity is to reinforce throwing cues while having students work together as a team to build a
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Active Flag Committee

This year we are going for our second Active Flag. We have a new Active Flag Committee composed of eight 5th class children. Congratulations to Sophie-Leigh, Jack, Caoimhe B, Amy, Fiona, Lynne, Maeve and Caoimhe O for making the committee. They are all linked to different classes to see how active everybody is. All the committee are on the Friendship Squad which is 5th
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Hurling Video

On Wednesdays 6th class do hurling. The coaches name is Benny. During the lesson we do drills and short games. Many of us have learned lots of new skills. It is great fun and we all enjoy it  and are always looking forward to Wednesday. Here is a stop motion video  our teacher made using an ipad.

Cuddly Toy Day

Last Friday we had a Cuddly Toy Day.  One cuddly toy was really big and one was really small. There were lots of dogs and lots of cats. We did Circle Time with the cuddly toys. Each person had to tell their partner about their cuddly toy. Then we went back into the circle and told everybody about their partner’s cuddly toy. We took
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Mr. Quinn’s class started swimming on the 16 th of Decemeber. We do it every Thursday. Mr. Quinn brings some of our work with him to corect while we are swimming. We do front crawl, breast stoke and back crawl. After the lesson we we get five minutes of play time in the pool. Then we get back into our clothes and get on
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Volleyball Lessons

Every Wednesday 3rd Class go to Volleyball after school. Our coach’s name is Ray. We started it on January 19th, so Aaron did badminton with us instead. You can read about that here. We enjoyed doing badminton. It was great fun. In volleyball, there are four moves that we are learning. They are called the spike, serve, set and the dig. Our first lesson
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