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The New Millennium


On a sunny Sunday in the month of August 1999 the Millennium Walk took place. Among the people who took part were our Parish Priest, Fr. Sean Creaton, the Parish Council, and adults and children of the parish. The Order of Malta ambulance was on standby in case it was needed. The walk was organised by the parish council to celebrate the millennium.

The walk started at Ransboro Church. Before it commenced there was a short scripture reading. The walk then proceeded down the road until it came to Kellystown Lane where it turned left heading for the Marian Shrine. At the Marian Shrine a decade of the rosary was recited and there was a drink of water for everybody.

From there the people turned left and headed towards Breeogue. After a while the walk turned right and headed towards the seashore. A couple of minutes later the walk stopped for another scripture reading and a drink of water for everybody. Then the walk turned right and headed for the main Ballisodare-Ransboro road. When the walk reached the main road the Gardai stopped the traffic so that there would be no accidents. The walk then turned right heading for Kilmacowen Graveyard, the end of the walk.

When everybody arrived at the graveyard the priest said a few prayers. Then Irish Dancers gave a performance. There was drinks and crisps for everybody.


As part of the Strandhill/Ransboro Millennium Celebrations, an open air mass was celebrated on top of nearby Knocknarea, on the 19th of September 1999.

Knocknarea is a large hill where Queen Maeve of Connacht is buried. It is a very ancient site and it is a famous place. The mass was part of parish celebrations leading up to the year 2000. The year 2000 is a very special year because it is 2000 years since Christ was born in Bethlehem. Christians celebrated the year 2000 by visiting shrines, holy wells, and historic and ancient sites.

The crowd gathered in Knocknarea car park and walked up to the summit of Knocknarea. The mass took place behind the cairn at 3pm and was celebrated by Fr. Sean Creaton, our Parish Priest.


This hymn was specially written for the Ransboro/Strandhill Choirs for their Millennium celebrations by Eurovision winner Charlie Mc Gettigan.

I Feel His Presence There

As I gaze on Knocknarea,

Looking o’er the mighty sea.

Nowhere else would I rather be,

I see His presence there.


When I see Benbulben high,

Rising up into the sky.

I don’t have to wonder why,

I see his presence there.


I see His presence there,

I see His presence there

All around me everywhere,

I see His presence there.


When I hear a curlew sing,

Or the sound of church bells ring.

In a fiddle’s sweet playing.

I hear His presence there.


It has been two thousand years,

Since our Saviour Christ was here

But we know He’s always here.

We feel His presence there.


We feel His presence there.

We feel His presence there.

All around us everywhere,

We feel His presence there.


All around us everywhere,

We feel His presence there.

© Charlie Mc Gettigan