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Cuddly Toy Day

Cuddly Toy Day 01

Last Friday we had a Cuddly Toy Day. ¬†One cuddly toy was really big and one was really small. There were lots of dogs and lots of cats. We did Circle Time with the cuddly toys. Each person had to tell their partner about their cuddly toy. Then we went back into the circle and told everybody about their partner’s cuddly toy. We took photographs of all the cuddly toys everybody brought in. Then we took photos of each person with their own cuddly toy.

Cuddly Toy Day 02

We did some more work and then we had Golden Time with our cuddly toys. For Golden Time we had PE with the cuddly toys. At the end the cuddly toys were in a pile. We had to find our own cuddly toy and run back to the line. When we went back to class, we wrote about our cuddly toys. We glued the photos that we took with our cuddly toy on our story. We enjoyed Circle Time.

By Ben, Luke, Marc, Jacob (Rang I)


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