Virtual Sports Day Kicking

The children put their kicking skills to use during sports day.   More sports day photos

Virtual Sports Day Jumping

Children from Junior Infants to 6th Class jumped for height and for distance. Great use was made of everyday items to create jumps and to mark distances. Some excellent jumping techniques were used.   More sports day photos

Virtual Sports Day

Virtual sports day saw the children participate in a variety of activities that incorporated different skills. Thank you to the parents for the photographs and reports. There were some unconfirmed reports of thumb holding during the spud and spoon and corner cutting in other races but these are yet to be verified. The children adapted many of the ideas and added their own events.
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Virtual Sports Day Obstacle Course

Many items were acquired to set up obstacle courses. The children also added their own activities to sports day.   More sports day photos

Virtual Sports Day Running

Children ran in straight forward running races with varying distances. Some tried the make a face and tessellation running activities or rock, paper, scissors running and some just ran.   More sports day photos

Virtual Sports Day Races

Three legged races proved to be popular as did the wheelbarrow. Some children used different equipment to attempt the traditional sack race – the box race and the plastic bag race. We also had the silly dress up race.   More sports day photos

Virtual Sports Day Egg and Spoon

The egg and spoon/potato and spoon races were in full swing on sports day. Some children competed against others while some ran a race uncontested.  There were varying degrees of rule adaptation in evidence.   More sports day photos  

Virtual Sports Day Throwing

Children engaged in activities involving throwing and catching, aiming and throwing for distance.  The wellie toss proved to be a popular choice.   More sports day photos

Quiz Results

There was great interest in the Quiz that we ran on the website last week and we had entries from lots of different classes. There were 59 entries in all, with 19 fully correct entries. The answers to the quiz were as follows: 1981 Hughes Bridge 40/46 Sharon Navy Sabina Wren Dr. Tony Holohan Leonardo da Vinci Joseph Mary Plunkett James and Lily Finland
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Art Competition Winners

We recently ran an art competition for all pupils working from home at the moment. There was a Junior Competition for pupils from Junior Infants to 2nd Class and a Senior Competition from 3rd – 6th Classes. Pupils were free to choose any medium that they wished and there was great variety in the entries. Well done to all of those pupils who took
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