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Hallowe’en – 2nd Class

We had great fun at school today wearing our Hallowe’en costumes. Happy Hallowe’en everyone! (Children pictured in pods).

Nursery Rhymes in Junior Infants

Some photographs of our latest art work linked to the nursery rhyme 1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive.

First Day in Junior Infants

We had a busy first day in Junior Infants. Everyone settled in really well and we had a fun day.  

Virtual Sports Day Egg and Spoon

The egg and spoon/potato and spoon races were in full swing on sports day. Some children competed against others while some ran a race uncontested.  There were varying degrees of rule adaptation in evidence.   More sports day photos https://ransboro.ie/2020/06/17/virtual-sports-day/ https://ransboro.ie/2020/06/17/virtual-sports-day-jumping/ https://ransboro.ie/2020/06/17/virtual-sports-day-kicking/ https://ransboro.ie/2020/06/17/virtual-sports-day-throwing/ https://ransboro.ie/2020/06/17/virtual-sports-day-races/ https://ransboro.ie/2020/06/17/virtual-sports-day-running/ https://ransboro.ie/2020/06/17/virtual-sports-day-obstacle-course/  

Quiz Time

To keep you busy this week, we have a quiz for you to complete. There are 20 questions to be answered. If you are not sure of the answers, use your research skills to find out the answers. All answers must be submitted by next Monday, June 8th at 5pm. There will be some prizes awarded for pupils with all of the correct answers.
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Houses by Junior Infants

Our Aistear topic is the home as part of this we painted houses. We talked about the parts of houses and the shape of the different parts.

A visit to the Addam’s Family in 5th class

5th class rehearsing the ‘Addam’s Family’! A spooky song for a  spooky season!


Pallindromes are words and numbers that read the same forwards and backwards Todays date is a pallindrome. 9th October 2019 = 9102019 Some words that are pallindromes are: mum dad eye wow anna racecar English is interesting! By Harry

Our Trip to Parke’s Castle

4th class went to Parke’s  Castle today. We learned a lot. They had a moate. The O’Rourkes owned it. I like the Salley moate. it was a secret entrance. We were allowed in to the old sauna. We had good fun. By Harry and Jack

Cumann na mBunscol

Well done to the boys team that played in the Cumann na mBunscol final on Saturday in Tubbercurry. They came up against a very good team from Grange and unfortunately lost however they kept going until the final whistle. A special thank you to Gerry Kilfeather for coaching the boys.