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Back to School September 2020

After a long break from the school building, we are almost set to return to school next week. To help you to plan for the return to school, the video below will explain what the return to school will look like. We hope that the video will answer many of your questions. Above all, we are really looking forward to having you all back
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Quiz Results

There was great interest in the Quiz that we ran on the website last week and we had entries from lots of different classes. There were 59 entries in all, with 19 fully correct entries. The answers to the quiz were as follows: 1981 Hughes Bridge 40/46 Sharon Navy Sabina Wren Dr. Tony Holohan Leonardo da Vinci Joseph Mary Plunkett James and Lily Finland
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Art Competition Winners

We recently ran an art competition for all pupils working from home at the moment. There was a Junior Competition for pupils from Junior Infants to 2nd Class and a Senior Competition from 3rd – 6th Classes. Pupils were free to choose any medium that they wished and there was great variety in the entries. Well done to all of those pupils who took
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Quiz Time

To keep you busy this week, we have a quiz for you to complete. There are 20 questions to be answered. If you are not sure of the answers, use your research skills to find out the answers. All answers must be submitted by next Monday, June 8th at 5pm. There will be some prizes awarded for pupils with all of the correct answers.
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Our Japan Podcast

We have been studying Japan over the past couple of weeks. We got the school laptops and researched different topics about Japan. We enjoyed doing this work. Today we created a podcast based on the information that we found out about Japan. We used the Audacity software to record the podcast. Then we converted it into an MP3 and posted it on our SoundCloud
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Video Call on Poverty and Homelessness

6th Class pupils have been recently learning about and discussing issues relating to poverty, famine and homelessness in the world. In Geography we have been learning about the term “Developing Countries” and looking at the causes of famine including war, drought, disease and natural disasters. We discussed a more equal sharing of the world’s wealth where richer countries could be encouraged to give greater
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QR Codes and Primary Planet

A few days ago we did a quiz using QR Codes on the Primary Planet magazine. We got an iPod each and opened the iNigma app which is a free QR Code Reader. We were handed a page with the QR Codes on it. Beside each QR Code was a blank space to write the answers. We had to answer ten questions in all.
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Laudato Si

In 2018 Pope Francis wrote a letter saying that we need to start caring for our world. We needed to take action and reuse, reduce, recycle. The letter Pope Francis wrote was called the “Laudato Si”. This letter states that change doesn’t come to you, you need to go to it. Every bit that you reuse, reduce, recycle, counts.  As part of the Laudato
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Construction on School Extension Commences

Although we had hoped that the construction of the new school extension would be well under at this stage, it is only beginning this week. Parents, please take note of the following carefully to ensure the safety and smooth running of the school during the period of construction. The construction of the new classroom and the three Learning Support rooms is expected to take
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Lamh Song: Let It Snow!

We’ll be doing this Lámh song for our Christmas Carol Service this year.