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Construction on School Extension Commences

IMG_5470Although we had hoped that the construction of the new school extension would be well under at this stage, it is only beginning this week. Parents, please take note of the following carefully to ensure the safety and smooth running of the school during the period of construction.

The construction of the new classroom and the three Learning Support rooms is expected to take up until our Christmas break. The build is taking place on what was the infant playground. In order to keep the children and staff safe during this time the following measures are in place:

  • Hoarding has been erected by the construction company to secure the site.
  • All Infants and 1st/2nd classes may enter the school by the small front gate as usual and may line up on their  class lines.
  • The Infants will play on the playground at the front of the school during break and lunch under the supervision of the teacher and SNAs on duty on this yard.
  • Infant classes and 1st/2nd classes will come in and out their usual door when entering and leaving the school.
  • Infant classes 1st/2nd classes can be collected as usual from the front playground of the school.
  • A new entrance has been made in the Astroturf fence, in the corner near the oil tank. Children from 3rd to 6th class may come through this entrance from the GAA car park in the morning to line up on the basketball court with their class.
  • Children may also enter the basketball court playground through the little gate in the churchyard.( beside the mural )
  • In the morning and after breaks, teachers ( 3rd – 6th ) will collect their pupils from the basketball court and they will enter and leave the school through the temporary classroom in the hall
  • At lunch and break time the children will be able to play on the Astroturf pitch, the basketball court and the soft play area as usual under teacher and SNA supervision.
  • Children from 3rd – 6th in the evening will leave school through the door in the temporary classroom and can walk through the astro pitch to the  GAA car park  or they can go through the little gate into the church car park or they can leave through the door beside the Glen onto the Infant Playground . Please let your child know where you will be collecting them.
  • Parents can wait for the children on the basketball court at 3pm if they wish to collect them from there.
  • Please speak to your children about staying away from the hoarding.

These arrangements will become much more clear after a day or two and we expect that pupils will get used to these temporary arrangements very quickly.

Hopefully we will have a beautiful new building in a few months from which the children will benefit.

  • Calendar icon August 29, 2018
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