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Junior Infants Inuit Style

For the last 4 weeks the Junior Infants have been learning all about the Arctic. They have learned about the animals and the people that live there.  We turned our dramatic play area into an igloo with an ice fishing whole and a sled with husky dogs to pull it along!! The children have had great fun learn all about the Inuit culture and
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Nature Walk and Autumn Art

The children have been learning all about the signs we see of Autumn and Hedgehogs. We went on a nature walk around the school the other day and the children saw leaves changing colour, berries and beechnut seeds that had fallen from the trees. Their Autumn art has created a beautiful display over our nature table in the classroom.

Homes for Sale

Junior Infants have spent the last few weeks learning all about houses and homes. Our Estate Agents was opened last week and the children are having a wonderful time getting to look at houses they want to buy and selecting their dream home!!

Butterfly Release!

Junior Infants were able to release 4 butterflies out in the Glen’s garden. The children really enjoyed getting to watch our class pets go from tiny caterpillars to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies!!

Caterpillars to Butterflies

Last week the Junior Infant class gained 5 little tiny pet caterpillars. After a week and half of eating, eating and more eating they are not so tiny anymore!!! The children love looking at them each day to see them grow.

Pet Shop Opened!

We have opened our pet shop in Junior Infants and the children are having a wonderful time shopping for their pets! We have also made pet snakes from socks and gluing on patterns using coloued felt.            

Junior Infant Self-portraits

During Circle Time we discussed what makes each of us special.  We talked about how we all look different and unique.  During Art we then used torn coloured paper, crayons and googly eyes to create self-portraits.

Butterflies in the Classroom

A month ago the Junior Infant class got 5 new pets.  They were teeny tiny caterpillars. Over the last month we have been able to watch them grow and change.  All the caterpillars grew big and fat but only 3 changed into a chrysalis (cocoon). From those 3, one beautiful butterfly has emerged.   Today we set him free and we hope we will be
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The Dentist Surgery

Last week we opened the Dentist Surgery in our classroom. The children have been learning all about their teeth, the names of different teeth, what jobs they do and how to take care of them. We were very lucky to have Eimear Cleary come in to talk to the children today.  She did a very interesting experiment to show the children how much sugar
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Ransboro Cafe

For the month of February we have had a cafe in the dramatic play area of the classroom.  The children have had so much fun taking the orders of the customers, preparing the meals in the kitchen and paying the bill when they are leaving.  They also created their own menus and make cupcakes out of play-dough!  Here are a few pictures of all
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