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History of Ransboro School

    Introduction: This week we decided to learn about the history of Ransboro School. We hope you enjoy.   A bit about the school: Ransboro National school is a six teacher school. Ransboro replaced Kilmacowen which was a two teacher school and the old Knocknarea school.   When it was built: It was built in 1980-1981. It was originally called Wrens Burrow. It
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The Lost Barrow

Recently I have become more interested about the lost barrow at the back of the school. I was so eager to learn about the barrow I set up an interview with former parent association group member. Otherwise known as my mum Bernice Guckian.   1- When did you discover the lost barrow? – Back in April 2015 the parents association were asked to help
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Parkes Castle 2017

4th Class recently visited our local Castle Parkes Castle. We learned a bit about the background of the castle and its inhabitants over the years before our tour. This helped us understand what we were to see on our trip. The tour was fascinating as always. We had a wonderful tour guide who gave us all a very detailed history of the castle, its
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Proclamation Day

Proclamation Day was held on Tuesday March 15th. This was a day set aside in all schools throughout the country to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916. Proclamation Day also coincided with Seachtain na Gaeilge. We had a “Lá Glas” in the school where all of the pupils wore something green to school.The day started off in the school hall where
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Martin Savage and the 1916 Rising

My grandad’s uncle was Martin Savage who dedicated his life for the Irish. He fought in the GPO in the 1916 Rising. He surrendered to the British and was interned after the Rising. He was executed in December 1919 during the War of Independence. There is a road beside Lidl in Sligo called Martin Savage Terrace in his honour. I am very proud of
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1916 Rising

                        Sixth class have been studying the 1916 Rising in History. We learned all about the build-up to the Rising and the reasons for it; the Rising itself and the events of Easter week; and the consequences of the rebellion. We researched the Rising independently and completed group projects on the topic. In
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Third Class History Projects

  The children in Third class carried out project work based on Christopher Columbus. They worked in pairs or in groups. They were very creative and worked hard on their Art projects. The children used a variety of materials such as wood, clay, lego and card. They then presented their projects to the class. I was very impressed with the effort they put into
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When We Were Babies!

The children in 1st Class brought in an item that was very special to them when they were babies. They spoke in front of the whole class and told them the reason it was so special to them and how they used it when they were a baby. They then wrote about the item they brought in. They had to describe what it looked
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Knocknarea Attendance Board

Ransboro National School is an amalgamation of two previous national schools in the parish, namely Knocknarea NS and Kilmacowen NS. Our school opened in 1981 with the closure of these two schools. We have recently come into possession of the attendance board for the final day of Knocknarea NS in 1981. These attendance boards were commonplace in national schools in times gone by. This
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Mini Museum

After our assembly on artefatcs used in the home all the classes in the school came to look at the artefacts.  They asked us lots of questions about them.