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History of Ransboro School





This week we decided to learn about the history of Ransboro School. We hope you enjoy.


A bit about the school:

Ransboro National school is a six teacher school.

Ransboro replaced Kilmacowen which was a two teacher school and the old Knocknarea school.


When it was built:

It was built in 1980-1981. It was originally called Wrens Burrow.

It was a rock on the side of Knocknarea they call it Wrens Burrow.


Facts about the school:

It was called Wren’s Burrow because there was a tree beside the school and a wren lived in the tree and it came out when everyone was at the school.



I hope you enjoy this blog post. Cathal and Oscar really enjoyed doing it and we hope you enjoy.


knocknarea-300x173 Kilmakowen-school-300x189


Kilmacowen School                                       Knocknarea School




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