6th Class fun in the snow!

The school has been a blanket of snow for the last few days.              We made snowmen on the astroturf….. it was boys against girls!            As you can see we had great fun!             The boys won the challenge. They were very proud of themselves!!!             

Senior Infants and Santa Claus!

A very special visitor!

Santa came to our school in a helicopter.  The helicopter was very loud. We were very excited Santa wore a red suit and he was very nice. He told us to be in bed before 9 o’clock on Christmas Eve.  Santa gave us sweets.  We took a picture with Santa, have a look! By Josh, Rosha & Evan.

Pictures of Santa ‘dropping in’!

                                         Santa came into all of our classrooms and gave us all sweets!

Santa “Drops In” to Visit!

We had a great surprise today when a very special visitor literally “dropped in” to visit the pupils of the school. Santa Claus himself took time out from his busy schedule to visit the pupils of the school. Unbelievably, he arrived by helicopter, explaining that one of the reindeer had a sore hoof and could not travel. The helicopter landed in the field beside
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First and Second Class

We are very excited.  We were chosen to work with a Professional craftsperson through projects with CRAFTed.  The lady who will be coming into our class works with clay, she is a ceramist. Her name is Kim Sharkey.  Kim has her own studio and website, www.peaceofearthpots.ie.     We will start our project next February.  We are looking forward to working with Kim and learning all about
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Christopher Columbus Quiz

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Pomegranate Video

This is a video that we found on the iPod Touch while looking for five facts about the pomegranate. We thought you’d like to see it. [media id=4]

Trans Atlantic Pomegranate Tasting

Rang III Pomegranate Tasting Today we tasted pomegranates in school. 22 people liked them and 5 people didn’t like them. We were tasting them with two other schools in America on Twitter. The schools we were tasting them with are in Indiana, USA. We ate the seeds, they were nice and juicy. Some people didn’t like the seeds but liked the juice. Lots of
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Learning about Electricity

Electrical Circuits   Last Friday we made electrical circuits. The class was split into 5 groups. Each group was given a basket with wires, batteries, bulbs, a battery holder and a bulb holder.                  Each group then worked out how to connect the wires and battery in order to light the bulb. We came up with lots of different versions!                Some groups
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