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School Cookbook

Our school has just finished creating a cookbook. It has all sorts of recipes in it – starters, main courses, desserts and cakes and breads. The pupils designed pictures for a competition to illustrate the cookbook. One picture was chosen for the cover of the cookbook. It was designed by Ciara H in 5th class. There are more illustrations inside the cookbook. On Friday
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Our American Treat Box

There we were doing  our Mental Maths on Tuesday morning when there was a knock on the door. A Postman was outside the door holding a large blue decorated box. The Postman came into the classroom and said, “Special Delivery!”. The whole class started screaming at the Postman because we knew he had our Trans-Atlantic Treat Box from @superkiddos, our American friends on Twitter.
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Superkiddos Send Us Treats

Our class and a class in Indiana USA that we met on Twitter are using “Snail mail” to send treats to each other. There are different kinds of treats in the box that they are sending us and they have given us a sneak peek of what they are sending us. Click HERE to read what some of them are on their blog. Click
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Trans-Atlantic Sweet Postage

We are sending a box of sweets over to Indiana USA. We are sending them to @superkiddos who are a school we know on Twitter. We decided to swap sweets with them. We are sending them some of the sweets that they don’t have and we do have. They are sending us sweets that we can’t get in Ireland. Before we sent the sweets over,
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How Food Goes Off

Today we talked about what sort of food goes off. We looked at a science book and we saw pictures of all different types of foods that have gone off. There was a picture of peaches and one had a mould on it. We talked about preserving food. You can preserve food by putting salt on it, by pickling it, by freezing it, by
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Cooking With Rhubarb

Rhubarb growing in our organic garden A couple of Fridays ago we did cooking with rhubarb in the kitchen in school. We made rhubarb crumble, rhubarb fool and rhubarb and strawberry fool. We made them because we are in charge of the rhubarb in the school organic garden. Here are the ingredients we used to make rhubarb crumble: 700g rhubarb 35-50g sugar 110g white
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Healthy Eating

  Healthy Eating   We are learning about the food pyramid. You should eat 6 or more portions from the Carbohydrate group. Try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables everyday. Eat something from the fish, meat and dairy group. Eat foods from the top of the food pyramid sparingly!!! We are all healthy eaters in 4th Class!!