The Rotten Melon

Near the start of the year we were doing science work on how food goes off. Sam brought in a Galia melon that was starting to go off. At that stage it looked like a normal melon with a bit of mould on the bottom. We left it on the window sill since then and we have been keeping an eye on it ever
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On Tuesday in October 2nd and 3rd class started to learn how to knit. We had some helpers to help us knit and we had a little rhyme to help us. It went like this: “In through the bunny hole, around the big tree, out through the bunny hole and off goes she”. We are still knitting finger puppets and Mrs. Breen sewed them
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Our Trip to Sligo Education Centre

On Friday October 8th, we went on a bus to Sligo Education Centre to show work on our iPod Touches. There were lots of principals from schools around Sligo there. Mary, who gave us the iPod Touches, was there as well. Fiona’s mum was there and Caoimhe O’s dad was there and Mrs. Clarke, our principal, was there. We were there for an hour.
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Vegetable and Fruit Printing

We did fruit and vegetable prints at school. Some of the vegetables we used are potatoes, carrots, bananas, radish, pepper and onions. We used different paints and put the vegetables in the paint. We stuck them on the wall in the classroom when they were dry. The vegetable prints were great fun to make. By Aidan D and Ciara Mc

Witch Griselda Rides Again

We made a podcast of the play “Witch Griselda Rides Again”. We started off by reading the play a few times. Then the parts were given out to everybody. We recorded the play on the class computer using Audacity. We then had to make it into an MP3 file and put it on our blog. We had lots of fun making it. We hope
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Flickr Lunes

We created Flickr Lunes and made them into a video. A Lune is a kind of poetry with three lines. There are three words on the first line, five words on the second line and three words on the third line. We used our iPod Touches to create the Lunes. We used pictures from Flickr to create the Lunes. We used Photostory to put
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Our basketball coach’s name is Mike Stephens. He is a very good coach. At the start of the session we do dribbling cone to cone. After training we do passing in pairs. We play the matches on the basketball court at the back of the school. When we play matches Mike puts us into two teams. When Mike blows the whistle, you have to
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Oíche Shamhna

Second and Third Class learned one Irish poem and one Irish song for Hallowe’en. We made them into podcasts for our school blog. We hope you enjoy them. oiche_shamhna oiche_shamhna_02

Counties of Ireland

Here are two interactive games to help pupils to learn the counties of Ireland: Counties of Ireland Jigsaw Puzzle and Mini-Quiz   Both are played online and don’t need any software downloads.

Education Centre Showcase

This a sample of how we use iPods to do a spelling test. Click here to do your spelling test.