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Pop Art Using iPods

Pop Art

We created Pop Art on the iPod Touches. Pop Art is where you take a picture and paint it three more times. It came in the 1950’s and was very popular. One of the most popular Pop Art artists was Andy Warhol. He liked to paint tins of Campbells Soup. We looked at some of his paintings on the internet. He even did a picture of Michael Jackson.

For art last week, we had to draw a pop art picture of something from our house. In school we created two Pop Art pictures, one of ourselves and one of an object. We used the camera on the iPod to take a photo of ourselves and an object in the classroom. We imported the picture into Photo Shop Express on the iPod and used the effects to turn them into Pop Art. Here are the pictures of the object Pop Art we created. We hope you like them.


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