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6th Class Visit to The Helix



6th Class were Runners-Up in the Xperience Enginnering Challenge



The Helix

On the 9th of June, Meadhbh Kenneally, Vita Gethin, Oisín Staunton, Seán Callaghan, Ms Hynes and Mrs Clarke went to the Helix in Dublin to present the Xperience Engineering Project. We left at 07:00 on a train and arrived in Connolly Station at 10:10. When we got to the Helix, we went to a speech made by the president of Engineers Ireland. After the speech we set up the project on a stand.
Half an our later, Ms Hynes and Mrs Clarke went down to the first floor and Vita and Seán went to a building challenge. They had to make a tower out of paper rolled up into tubes as high as they could, but a plastic cup had to sit in it without falling.
Meadhbh and Oisín waited at the stand to give the presentation to the judges. We were the 11th stand the judges looked at. When we had given the presentation, we went to lunch, and after that, we went to a science show. When the science show had finished, there was a presentation for all the schools that got through to the finals. Everyone got a silver certificate. After all the schools were given a certificate, the prizes for the building contest were given. The prizes were laptops. We didn’t win one. When the laptops were given, the grand prizes were given. The winner in our category was Harold’s Boys school.

After the prize giving was over, we packed up the project. We took a taxi to Mc Donald’s and had a meal. We then took the Luas back to the train station and got on a train back to Sligo. It was a great day.


By Oisín S, Seán C and Meadhbh K




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