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QR Codes and Primary Planet

A few days ago we did a quiz using QR Codes on the Primary Planet magazine. We got an iPod each and opened the iNigma app which is a free QR Code Reader. We were handed a page with the QR Codes on it. Beside each QR Code was a blank space to write the answers. We had to answer ten questions in all.
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First Class Maths Trail

Last week First Class did a maths trail using Ipods and QR codes! We had great fun!

Maths QR Treasure Hunt

Last week our class went down to the halla for fun maths activity.  We used the IPods to do a QR treasure hunt where we had to scan the QR codes to reveal math problems.  We then had to write down the answers on our worksheets. Here are some quotes from the children on what they thought about the QR Treasure Hunt. “It was
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1st Class Pupils Feature in Technology Use Video

Some time ago Catherine Cronin, academic coordinator of online IT programmes and lecturer in IT at the National University of Ireland, Galway, asked us to take part in a video showcasing technology being used in Irish classrooms. Along with a number of other Irish educators, we submitted short videos of examples of how pupils are using technologies to discover new ways of learning in
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Mentions for Ransboro NS

The March 2012 edition of the INTO magazine “InTouch” carries an article entitled “Schools That Blog – What’s the Attraction?” In the article, the Ransboro NS website is mentioned as one of the schools “which are wonderful examples of blogging and ICT integration”. At the same time Scoilnet, the portal site for all things educational in Ireland, is featuring art work completed by pupils
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QR Codes and Maths

On Tuesday, the 4th of October, we went to the hall to do a maths treasure hunt using QR codes.  We have an app on our Ipods called i-nigma.  We used this app to unlock the maths questions.  We had a sheet to write down the answers.  We had great fun. By E.C and C.L We have spotted QR codes on a number of
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Qr Codes Maths Treasure Hunt

Today we did our Friday Maths using QR Codes and our iPods. We went to the hall after first break to do the treasure hunt. We first had to find the hidden QR Codes, then we used the i-nigma app on the iPod to read the code. In the codes were maths questions and question numbers. We had a sheet to fill in the
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Pop Art Using iPod Touch

In June we did some work in the Visual Arts curriculum about Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement in the 1960′s. We used Google Images to look at and respond to some images from this period in art history. We paid particular attention to the structure of pieces of art created during this period and especially how common, everyday objects were used to
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Pop Art Using iPods

We created Pop Art on the iPod Touches. Pop Art is where you take a picture and paint it three more times. It came in the 1950’s and was very popular. One of the most popular Pop Art artists was Andy Warhol. He liked to paint tins of Campbells Soup. We looked at some of his paintings on the internet. He even did a
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Twitter Digital Art Project 02

Yesterday we started doing a Twitter Digital Art Project. It is called #tap2011 on Twitter. Tap stands for Twitter Art Project. We had to create digital art using our iPods. We used the Brushes and Abstract Art apps to create these pictures. We hope you like them. You can see all of the Digital Art created by schools around the country in this Flickr
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