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Water Filtration

Last week in sixth class we watched a video on water filtration and it inspired us to do an experiment in groups on water filtration for World Water Day. We went to the organic garden and half filled jars with clay. We then added water to the jars and mixed the clay and water together. We placed a coffee filter into a funnel which
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Grandparent’s Day -2nd Class

We had such a lovely time on Grandparent’s Day this year in school. The children wrote about their grandparents and painted pictures of them also. It was lovely having many of the grandparents visit our class and some even told us about what life was like when they were young.    

Junior Infants Inuit Style

For the last 4 weeks the Junior Infants have been learning all about the Arctic. They have learned about the animals and the people that live there.  We turned our dramatic play area into an igloo with an ice fishing whole and a sled with husky dogs to pull it along!! The children have had great fun learn all about the Inuit culture and
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Nature Walk and Autumn Art

The children have been learning all about the signs we see of Autumn and Hedgehogs. We went on a nature walk around the school the other day and the children saw leaves changing colour, berries and beechnut seeds that had fallen from the trees. Their Autumn art has created a beautiful display over our nature table in the classroom.

1916 Rising

                        Sixth class have been studying the 1916 Rising in History. We learned all about the build-up to the Rising and the reasons for it; the Rising itself and the events of Easter week; and the consequences of the rebellion. We researched the Rising independently and completed group projects on the topic. In
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When We Were Babies!

The children in 1st Class brought in an item that was very special to them when they were babies. They spoke in front of the whole class and told them the reason it was so special to them and how they used it when they were a baby. They then wrote about the item they brought in. They had to describe what it looked
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Third Class Nature Walk

  Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about trees native to Ireland. The children brought in lots of leaves, conkers, twigs and berries for our nature table. On October 9th Third class set off on a nature walk. They worked in groups and had tasks to complete such as – finding a large red leaf, finding an animal sign such as
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Knocknarea Attendance Board

Ransboro National School is an amalgamation of two previous national schools in the parish, namely Knocknarea NS and Kilmacowen NS. Our school opened in 1981 with the closure of these two schools. We have recently come into possession of the attendance board for the final day of Knocknarea NS in 1981. These attendance boards were commonplace in national schools in times gone by. This
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Planting Herbs in Our Sensory Garden

We planted herbs in our Sensory Garden in The Glen yesterday. We planted the herbs in the soil. We dug a hole with a small shovel. Then we put the plant into the hole. We watered the plant using a watering can. Next we put the soil back around the plant and we patted the soil. We then watered the plants some more. We
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Mini Museum

After our assembly on artefatcs used in the home all the classes in the school came to look at the artefacts.  They asked us lots of questions about them.