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Twitter Digital Art Project

Yesterday we started doing a Twitter Digital Art Project. It is called #tap2011 on Twitter. Tap stands for Twitter Art Project. We had to create digital art using our iPods. We used the Paint app to create these pictures. We hope you like them.

Spring Flickr Lunes

On Tuesday a few weeks ago we made Flickr Lunes on our iPods. There were seven Spring animals that we had to choose from. Mr. Quinn numvered them and gave each of us a number. The animals were piglets, chicks, goslings, lambs, calves, cygnets and foals. A Flickr Lune is a three line poem. The firts line has three words, the sencond line has
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Gaeilge Mind Maps

A couple of weeks ago we went on our iPods and did some mins maps on Simple Mind Xpress. We did it on food. It was hard because sometimes it would change the Irish word into an English word. Our heading was “Bia”. We typed in the food that we liked and that we didn’t like. Some of the phrases we used were “Is
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3rd Class Attend CESI Conference

3rd Class attended the National Conference of CESI (Computer Education Society of Ireland) which had as its theme this year “ICT in Education: Changing Landscapes”. Because of our pioneering work with iPods the pupils gave a workshop to a group of teachers on “Using the iPod in the Primary School“. They gave demonstrations on how they have used the iPods to create Lunes poetry,
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iPod Workshop in Portlaoise

Next Saturday week, 3rd class are going on a minibus to Portlaoise to give a workshop about using the iPods in the classroom. It will take three hours to get there and three hours to get back. Mrs. Clarke, our principal, and Mrs. O’ Rourke, our deputy principal, will be coming to the conference with us. We will stop for a snack on the
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Pomegranate Video

This is a video that we found on the iPod Touch while looking for five facts about the pomegranate. We thought you’d like to see it. [media id=4]

Trans Atlantic Pomegranate Tasting

Rang III Pomegranate Tasting Today we tasted pomegranates in school. 22 people liked them and 5 people didn’t like them. We were tasting them with two other schools in America on Twitter. The schools we were tasting them with are in Indiana, USA. We ate the seeds, they were nice and juicy. Some people didn’t like the seeds but liked the juice. Lots of
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Weather Poems Using iPod Touches

                       Sixth Class used a poetry app on the iPod Touches to create poems about disastrous weather conditions.  We have been studying hurricanes, typoons, tornadoes, blizzards, floods and storms in Geography. We each chose a weather force and wrote a poem about it.       Here are some of our poems. Snow                                                                                  Typhoons By Emer H                                                                       By Oisin S Swirls all around                                                           Forms in
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Science Facts

We used the 10,000 Science Facts app on our iPod Touches to find out interesting facts for Science Week. Here are some of the things that we found out: A ball of glass will bounce higher than a ball of rubber Singapore means “City of Lions” A 1,200 pound horse eats about seven times its own weight each year A banana tree isn’t really
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Our Trip to Sligo Education Centre

On Friday October 8th, we went on a bus to Sligo Education Centre to show work on our iPod Touches. There were lots of principals from schools around Sligo there. Mary, who gave us the iPod Touches, was there as well. Fiona’s mum was there and Caoimhe O’s dad was there and Mrs. Clarke, our principal, was there. We were there for an hour.
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