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Flickr Lunes

We created Flickr Lunes and made them into a video. A Lune is a kind of poetry with three lines. There are three words on the first line, five words on the second line and three words on the third line. We used our iPod Touches to create the Lunes. We used pictures from Flickr to create the Lunes. We used Photostory to put
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Science Facts

We used an app on our iPod Touches called 10,000 Science Facts. We wrote down five science facts that we found out from the app into our copies. Here are some of the facts that we found out: Chickens are 75% water All babies are colour blind when they are born One out of every four million lobsters are blue An asteroid can destroy
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iPod Touch Socks

Last Friday Mr. Quinn asked us to make a sock for our iPod Touch. The reason was to protect the iPods and so they would not get lost on the tables at school. We had to re-use any old clothes or material to make the sock. We came up with lots of different ideas. Some of us used vests, socks, old tracksuits, gloves and
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iPod Touches

A couple of weeks ago we started doing a pilot project on iPod Touches. The first thing we did was to check what time it was in different parts of the world. Then we did some maths on the calculator. Mr. Quinn downloaded some apps and games to play like Chicktionary, Planets, Flip It, PB Harmony and lots more. A couple of weeks later
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