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3rd Class Attend CESI Conference

CESI Conference

3rd Class attended the National Conference of CESI (Computer Education Society of Ireland) which had as its theme this year “ICT in Education: Changing Landscapes”. Because of our pioneering work with iPods the pupils gave a workshop to a group of teachers on “Using the iPod in the Primary School“. They gave demonstrations on how they have used the iPods to create Lunes poetry, pieces of visual art as well as showing how to complete an online test using Google Docs. They also instructed the attending teachers how to use the many apps that we use in the classroom to compliment the curriculum. We also had a variety of samples of work that we have completed using iPods on display for teachers to look at.

It is not a usual occurence to have pupils attend this conference, but it was felt that teachers would get a better appreciation of the possibility of the iPod to enhace learning if they saw pupils using them. The reaction to our pupils was hugely positive, both in their ability to explain to adults how to use the iPod as well as their confident and mannerly nature. They were a huge credit to us and did us proud. There was a great reaction to their workshop on Twitter on Saturday night. Here is a selection of the Twitter comments they received:

  • At Damien Quinn’s iPod touch workshop. 3rd class pupils demonstrating use of iPod touch. Brilliant. Learning plenty.
  • Great day so far and a great demo from @seomraranga on ipod touch!
  • Great workshop. Well Done.
  • Great day and talk today!! You’ve a great class! Really jealous.
  • Great to meet you today. So impressed with your wonderful students @mrquinnsclass Thanks for sharing.
  • You have a lot of great teachers to be there in your class!! Lovely kids and great to show us the ipods.
  • A huge thank you to @mrquinnsclass who stole the show at #cesi2010 today. Great to meet your principal, deputy principal and teacher
  • It was a fab session. You should be HUGELY proud of your class!
  • Congrats, such a lovely class, a credit to you @ #CESI2011
  • I think there should be no homework Monday night after the super teaching you students did last Sat #cesi2011
  • You all did a FAB job.

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