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Weather Poems Using iPod Touches


Sixth Class used a poetry app on the iPod Touches to create poems about disastrous weather conditions. 

We have been studying hurricanes, typoons, tornadoes, blizzards, floods and storms in Geography.

We each chose a weather force and wrote a poem about it.

      Here are some of our poems.

Snow                                                                                  Typhoons

By Emer H                                                                       By Oisin S

Swirls all around                                                           Forms in the east

Lies on the ground                                                       Comes in from over the sea

On top of a post.                                                            Destroys cities.

Like                                                                                     Like

Crunching dry toast                                                     Hurricanes and cyclones

Ice in the freezer                                                           Rips up houses

A broken, cold lever                                                    Destroys everything in its path

Falling                                                                                Flattening all obstacles

Covers everything in a white blanket.                 Brings only pain & destruction.


Lightning                                                                          Tornadoes

By Claire Mc                                                                    By Caoimhe

Starts in the sky                                                             Sucks things off the ground

Making its way down                                                   Sweeps across the land

Hits the ground.                                                            Takes its prey.

Like                                                                                     Like

A flashing bulb                                                               An evil cheetah

Clouds quickly covering the sun                            Swirls like a whirlpool

Blinds opening and closing                                      Loud as an elephant

Blinking                                                                            Rumbling

Before your eyes.                                                        Like a dealy drumroll.


By Neasa

Freezes in the clouds

Falls slowly through the air

Drops gently to the ground.


A white blanket

a dusting of sugar

A coating of ice cream.


Covering everything it can.


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