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Xperience Engineering Challenge Group 7

We made an Oyster. It is an oceanic device that harvests wave energy when the waves push the lid up and down! This moves pistons in and out, spinning a motor that creates energy. The energy then runs through an underwater cable into a power plant that converts it into electricity that is then used to power our homes!

Xperience Engineering Challenge Group 6

Our group decided to make an Oyster. An oyster is a machine in the water that is used to generate electricity. Our Oyster was 3-D and we used K’Nex to build it. We really enjoyed using the K’Nex to build out Oyster.

Xperience Engineering Challenge Group 5

We did a project about wave energy. We got the K’Nex kits on Monday 7th March. For the first day we were allowed to build anything. By the second day we had the choice of building either a Pelamis or an Oyster. We did individual creations at first. Vita built a Pelamis, Shauna and Louise both built Oysters. Later we all took Louise’s plan
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Xperience Engineering Challenge Group 4

We built an Oyster. It is a machine that is built on the sea bed. The moving of the waves cause the top of the Oyster to move in and out, causing two pistons to move in and out. This pushes pressurised water into a small tube. The pressurised water is pumped onshore to a generator which produces electricity. We built a model of
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Xperience Engineering Challenge Group 3

For our K’Nex experience we had to build a pelamis or an oyster. Our group Neasa H, Hannah B and Claire Mc V, decided to do an oyster. For the first step we had to design a plan of what we were doing. We used our plans to construct our Oyster out of K’Nex. We replaced lots of pieces to improve it. Finally we
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Xperience Engineering Challenge Group 2

There are two people in our group, Claire and Meadhbh. For the K’nex challenge we built a Pelamis. A Pelamis is like a giant sea snake in the water. When the water pushes the pistons in and out the movement generates electricity. We really enjoyed building the Pelamis. We also learned a lot about wave energy. We were very pleased to see that when
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Xperience Engineering Challenge Group 1

For the K’NEX challenge our group, Aoife, Emer and Sarah, decided to build an oyster. An oyster is a machine that is in the water and uses waves to produce power. As the lid of the oyster goes up and down as the motor turns the generator starts to turn which produces electricity and goes back to shore.

Sound Experiment

Yesterday the class did a sound experiment. We started the experiment by scratching under the table and listening to what it sounded like. Then we put our ears on the table and scratched under the table again to see if there was any difference in the sound. When we put our ear to the table the sound was louder. When we sat up straight,
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Learning about Electricity

Electrical Circuits   Last Friday we made electrical circuits. The class was split into 5 groups. Each group was given a basket with wires, batteries, bulbs, a battery holder and a bulb holder.                  Each group then worked out how to connect the wires and battery in order to light the bulb. We came up with lots of different versions!                Some groups
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Balancing Clowns

We made clowns out of card. We had to colour them. Then we had to neatly cut them out . We also had to get two of the same coins and stick them onto the hands of the clown. Then we tried to balance the clown by the nose on our finger. We also tried balancing it on the rim of a teacup. We even
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