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Green School Competition

The green school committee organised a competition in November where children had to come up with a slogan to promote biodiversity.  The entries were to be in by the 12th of December.  We received a great response and we got many great slogans and also great artwork. It was very difficult to pick a winner but the winners were Junior/senior infants: Finn McD 1st/2nd:
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The biodiversity awareness assembly

Last Friday the Green school Committee presented an assembly on biodiversity to all the classes in the school. We spoke about what biodiversity is, what it means and how we can protect it. We showed different types of leaves, algae, twigs and ferns.  We showed a slideshow on biodiversity and taught all the classes about it. We are also introducing a competition to design
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Every day on my way to school I cross four bridges, and pass under three, but never notice anything different. But it’s amazing to think that something as common as a bridge is actually brilliant enough to hold its own weight and much more. I suspect most other people are the same as me, never realising how wonderful bridges are unless you stop to
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Biodiversity of Ireland

On Wednesday the 12th of March, wildlife educator, Michael Bell, came in to 3rd, 4th and 5th class to talk about biodiversity around us and why it is important. Michael brought in a badger skull which was remarkably small, antlers from a deer, a stuffed pine martain,  a dolphins spine joint and a rib from a fin whale which was huge! The rib was
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Third Class Science

In Science recently we investigated different ways of separating mixtures of liquids and solids. We discovered that mixtures like water and stones can be separated simply by decanting (or pouring). We learned that sieving is a useful way of separating a mixture like water and rice. To separate water and sand we used filter paper and funnels. This is known as filtration . Finally
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Minibeast Hunt

                            We went on a Mini beast Hunt around our school! Mrs. McDaniel came in to talk to the Junior and Senior Infants and helped us identify the mini beasts we found! Mrs. McDaniel is a Zoologist and works with the Green Schools Committee. We found several different types of mini
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 Our Aistear theme for the past few weeks has been a Hospital.  We have a Radiographer working in our Hospital.  We learned all about our skeleton and the names of the bones in our bodies.  We cut and pasted bones to make a skeleton and we labelled the major bones in the body.  Here are some pictures….


Third and fourth class studied magnetism recently in Science. We began by revising the poles of the magnets and establishing the reaction when magnetic poles are placed together. Next, we tested a number of different materials to see if they were magnetic or non-magnetic. It was interesting to discover that not all metals are magnetic. Metals which are magnetic are called ferrous metals which
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Under the Sea!

Last week the theme for our lessons was The Ocean.  In art class we took dried seaweed, collected from the rocks on the seashore, and glued it onto special ‘under the sea paper’.  Then we took small shells, collected from the beach at Strandhill, and glued them on too.   We each chose a fish or a shipwreck to paint and, when they had dried,
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Veterinary Surgery in our class!

Our Aistear theme for the next couple of weeks is a veterinary surgery!  We treat all sorts of animals in our surgery.  We have a receptionist, veterinary nurse and a vet working hard to help our pets feel better! Senior Infants