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Learning about Electricity

Electrical Circuits


Last Friday we made electrical circuits. The class was split into 5 groups. Each group was given a basket with wires, batteries, bulbs, a battery holder and a bulb holder.



Each group then worked out how to connect the wires and battery in order to light the bulb. We came up with lots of different versions!


Some groups only used two wires, a bulb and a battery.

Other groups used more wires.

One group even worked out how to blow the bulb by adding more power to the circuit.



At the end some groups used all of their equipment in the one circuit. The bulb was still really bright so we learned that the length of circuit didnt effect the flow of electricity or the brightness of the bulb.

This week we are going to investigate conductors and insulators of electricity!

We think that rubber, a copper coin, a magnet, a key, a walking stick with metal, a crutch and tin foil will conduct electricity. We will let you know our findings!


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