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Numerosity App

Numerosity is a new maths app for iPad just released in the iTunes App Store from the Thoughtbox company. Its purpose is to reinforce learning in the four main mathematical operations operations. A pupil in Rang VI has done a review of the app and these are his thoughts: My teacher asked my to do a review on this new maths game he found
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On October 23rd, 5th class made a photostory movie. First Ms. Clarke made  a short photostory about Chinese New Year to show us how make a movie. On photostory you get pictures and put them on your computer and use them in your movie. You can type sentences onto the picture, change the style, writing, colour, the section that the writing is in and put
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Hallowe’en Carols

On Thursday October 25th, 6th class recorded some Hallowe’en Carols. These are Christmas Carols with Hallowe’eny lyrics. We recorded our three best songs. We used an app on the iPad called Hokusai to record the songs. Then we exported the file to Dropbox and imported it into Audacity where we converted it into an .MP3 file. Some of the songs were really funny. We
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Senior Infants created Martians on Ipods!

We made Martians using the Ipods. Then we took a photo of it and our teacher printed them out!  Some children made scary martians and others made nice martians!  Here is an example of one very scary martian!

Maths QR Treasure Hunt

Last week our class went down to the halla for fun maths activity.  We used the IPods to do a QR treasure hunt where we had to scan the QR codes to reveal math problems.  We then had to write down the answers on our worksheets. Here are some quotes from the children on what they thought about the QR Treasure Hunt. “It was
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Poetry Podcast

In 6th class we made some poems with a twist for National Poetry Day last Thursday. In poems with a twist, the first three lines are full of expectation and the last line is a let-down! We used Audacity to record the podcast and then we made it into an MP3 file. They were really fun to make. Listen to the Podcast HERE (2mins 55secs)

#An Fómhar Twitter Project

During the week we were doing a project on Twitter about signs of Autumn. There was a lot of schools from all over the world involved. Schools from Canada, America and Ireland were tweeting as well. We had to find signs of Autumn and take pictures of them. We had to tweet as much as possible. Eimear and Maedhbh took pictures of signs of
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The Website Launch

We launched our new website on Wednesday the 19th of September. Parents and children sat in the hall waiting while Mr. Quinn was getting ready to show us the new website. We counted down from ten to one to unveil the website. He showed us how to access the website and look around. The new website is very different from the old one and
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6th Class Blog

Since last week, 6th class have started a new blog for the teacher and all the class pupils. Our teacher Mr. Quinn had unveiled it to us on Monday 17th of September. He gave us our own blogs for us to post in school or after school at home. Mr Quinn has started to give us homework to do on the blog at home. All
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Mission V Project

MissionV is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes the development of 21st century skills through innovative online technologies. It is enhancing the Irish classroom by providing the digital tools for teachers and students to design and create their own, curriculum-based, interactive content – for powerful new learning experiences. During the school year 2011-12 they ran a pilot project in 20 primary schools, supported by the
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