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Maths QR Treasure Hunt

Last week our class went down to the halla for fun maths activity.  We used the IPods to do a QR treasure hunt where we had to scan the QR codes to reveal math problems.  We then had to write down the answers on our worksheets.

Here are some quotes from the children on what they thought about the QR Treasure Hunt.

“It was excellent.” Kealan

“It was like a mystery using the IPods to look up all the problems.” Oisin

“It was fun!” Mark

“I liked it because it was like doing Maths and PE at the same time.” Brooke

“I thought it was fun trying to get the QR codes to scan.”  Nessa

“I liked answering all the questions.” Megan

“I liked using the IPods and scanning the QRs to get the questions.” Kayla

“I liked walking around and finding the QR codes in different places in the hall.” Áine

“It was really good. I liked walking around and scanning the codes. It was like a surprise.” Lisa

“I liked working with partners.” Fraser


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