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Water Filtration

Last week in sixth class we watched a video on water filtration and it inspired us to do an experiment in groups on water filtration for World Water Day. We went to the organic garden and half filled jars with clay. We then added water to the jars and mixed the clay and water together. We placed a coffee filter into a funnel which
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Potato Power

In 6th class we did a science experiment using potatoes. We learned that potatoes are made up of about 75% water. Our experiment was to see how well the potatoes held the water. We cut the potatoes in half and scooped out a hollow in the center. Then we poured some salt in to one half and left the other half empty as a control. We left them
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The Water Cycle Experiment

We did an experiment in class about the Water Cycle. You need a large bowl, a small sugar bowl, cling film and a sliotar. We put the sugar bowl into the large bowl and put hot water into the large bowl. Then we put the cling film on top of the large bowl. Then we put the sliotar on top of the cling film
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