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Potato Power

In 6th class we did a science experiment using potatoes. We learned that potatoes are made up of about 75% water. Our experiment was to see how well the potatoes held the water. We cut the potatoes in half and scooped out a hollow in the center. Then we poured some salt in to one half and left the other half empty as a control. We left them over night to see what would be waiting for us in the morning! We came in the next morning to see the what the difference was.

The difference was amazing. Yesterday the potatoes were hard and brittle. Today the potato with the salt in it was really mushy and soft. The potato without the salt was still quite firm .

When we looked on a second glance we noticed that the colour had also changed. The one with the salt in it was pretty much all grey because the salt drew all the water out of it and caused it to shrivel. The potato without salt was a small bit grey around the edges because of exposure to air.

These are the potatoes before.

These are the potatoes after. Ewww!







 Potato Power 2!

We did another experiment a few days later. This time we peeled one potato and left the skin on the other one. When we came in the next day the potato we had peeled was all shriveled up and looked really rotten. The other one didn’t seem to have changed. We think that the skin of the potato kept the water in and kept the potato hydrated. These are the pictures of our experiment!

These is the potatoes after.

These are the potatoes before.


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