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Spring Lambs and Chicks

We painted lambs and used chalk for the grass and marker to add the facial features. We also used our colouring, cutting, matching and sticking skills to make chicks.

Spring Art in Junior Infants

As part of our science topic we were looking at air – how we know it’s there and how we can change things or move items using air. We made bubble paintings by blowing into a mixture of paint and bubble mix. We then drew round and cut out flowers and a butterfly and stuck them on a background to make spring scenes.

Spring Flowers

We made spring flowers in Junior Infants. We drew round shapes, cut them out and glued them. .

Spring Flowers

Pupils from The Glen have been doing some work about Spring.They made some Spring flowers using painted handprints which they really enjoyed. They then cut out the flowers, stems and leaves and displayed them on the wall.

Larry the Lamb Visits The Glen

We had a very special surprise visitor this afternoon to The Glen – Larry the Lamb. Our neighbour Lennie brought Larry over to see us. She brought him over in a cardboard box in her car. There was some straw in the box to keep him comfortable on the journey. We were all excited to see him. He made some bleating noises. Lennie told
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Sarah & Humphrey!

        We had a visit from Mr. O’ Hara and his two pet lambs, Sarah and Humphrey!  They are four weeks old.  They need to be fed four times a day with milk.  Mr. O’Hara fed the lambs with a bottle, they drank the milk very quickly and were wagging their tails really fast!  The lambs were very friendly and we
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Bird watch!

A bird built her nest in my tree house!  She laid four eggs and they hatched!  The chicks are getting bigger now and I can see them change every week! Josh, 2nd Class