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Sarah & Humphrey!







We had a visit from Mr. O’ Hara and his two pet lambs, Sarah and Humphrey!  They are four weeks old.  They need to be fed four times a day with milk.  Mr. O’Hara fed the lambs with a bottle, they drank the milk very quickly and were wagging their tails really fast!  The lambs were very friendly and we enjoyed petting them!  Mr. O’Hara talked to us about the job of a Sheep farmer and all about the lambing season.  He showed us photographs and some of the equipment needed to care for lambs, such as a heater, syringe, crook (used for catching lambs and sheep), nuts and milk formula.

We brought our new friend, Stanley out to see the lambs.  Stanley is from  a school in New York and he is visiting our class for a few weeks.  We are going to show Stanley what our school is like and take him on some fun adventures, then we will send him back home to New York with some photographs of his travels!  This was Stanley’s first adventure with us and he had a great time, as did we!

A huge Thank You to Mr. O Hara from all of us here at Ransboro!

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