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Active Schools Week Day 3

Today we worked with Fifth Class. They helped us at different stations – soft play, beanbag throwing and aiming, skis, ball skills, skipping and hurdles. We worked hard and had fun. Thank you fifth class.

Try-a-Tri 5th Class

On Thursday 26th October a number of children from 3rd to 6th class took part in a Try-a-Tri event an initiative run by Triathlon Ireland and Sligo Sports and Recreation at Sligo Sports Complex and Cleveragh Regional Park. The event consisted of a 50m swim, a 1,500m cycle and a run of 800m with all the children enjoying the challenge.  


In Fifth class we have been involved in debating for the past few months and have enjoyed it very much .It was a fun way to read and research topics like the benefits of homework, climate change, use of iPads in the class and charity begins at home. There were six on our debating team; three speakers, a chairperson and two time keepers, though
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Fifth Class Italian Projects

Fifth class recently undertook a huge project based on Italy. The children split into pairs and focused on different aspects of Italian life, past and present. Each group made a photostory presentation based on the facts they learned. In order to  create the photostory the children had to create a store of images based on their topics, and gather interesting facts to accompany each
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Weaving Wonders!

On Thursday, the 24th of January, we started to make a loom for weaving. First we cut out a 10cm x 10cm piece of cardboard. Then we drew 10 equally spaced lines. After that, we made small incisions to put our string through. This was our loom. The next day, at two o’clock, we started to weave. We picked our favourite colour wool, got a straw,
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On October 23rd, 5th class made a photostory movie. First Ms. Clarke made  a short photostory about Chinese New Year to show us how make a movie. On photostory you get pictures and put them on your computer and use them in your movie. You can type sentences onto the picture, change the style, writing, colour, the section that the writing is in and put
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