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Weaving Wonders!

A sample of our weaving.

A sample of our weaving.

On Thursday, the 24th of January, we started to make a loom for weaving. First we cut out a 10cm x 10cm piece of cardboard. Then we drew 10 equally spaced lines. After that, we made small incisions to put our string through. This was our loom.

The next day, at two o’clock, we started to weave. We picked our favourite colour wool, got a straw, taped the wool to the straw, and started  the process of weaving.

We learned that you have to put the straw over and under the string each time. Some of us found it very easy from the beginning but some of us found it difficult.

It was difficult to keep the thread from pulling through. Sometimes we pulled it too tight so it came in and squished up. Some people improved with time while others are still trying to get the hang of it!

You can make lots of patterns and use lots of different colours.



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