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Fifth Class Italian Projects

Fifth class recently undertook a huge project based on Italy. The children split into pairs and focused on different aspects of Italian life, past and present.

Each group made a photostory presentation based on the facts they learned. In order to  create the photostory the children had to create a store of images based on their topics, and gather interesting facts to accompany each picture.

Once this was completed and video effects and transitions were chosen, the partners had to choose an appropriate backing track. The pairs then narrated their slides using the audacity programme.

Once the projects were completed the children mailed their photostory to Ms. Clarke.  They then changed the classroom into a mini cinema. They drew the blinds, turned off the lights, and even had popcorn to celebrate the special moment of watching their feature films on the big screen!

They learned interesting facts about Pompeii, gladiators, famous Italians, Italian food,  the leaning tower of Pisa, among many other fascinating topics.

Ms. Clarke was very proud of her students,

Classroom Cinema!

Classroom Cinema!

and they were delighted with themselves.


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