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Construction in 3rd Class

The children worked in pairs over three weeks to construct items from cardboard boxes. They used boxes of various shapes and sizes. They first planned what they would make. They then cut out their design and decorated them with materials such as paint and felt. The children had a great time taking part in these lessons and I was very impressed with their creativity.
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Sixth Class Christmas Village

Sixth class constructed a model Christmas village as our Art lesson over the last few weeks. First we constructed different shaped buildings from cardboard, paying particular attention to features like windows, doors, roofs and chimneys. Next we covered our structures with papier-mâché. When the papier-mâché dried, we designed shop-fronts for our buildings and painted them accordingly. Finally we added festive effects such as snow
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The house that Senior Infants built!

Senior Infants are working on Construction as our theme in Aistear. We have architects and builders on site who know how to abide by health and safety and building regulations!We are confident and efficient and are available to help the builders working on the school’s extension if they need it ;)!

Senior Infants made a Snowman!

  Some boys in Senior Infants made a snowman with the polydron at lunchtime. “We had a plan and made our snowman by working as a team”, said Alan. “We decided to put skates on him”, said Joe.  

St. Brigid’s Day Crosses

On St Brigids Day 1st February the First Communion and Confirmation classes got together and made St. Brigid’s crosses. Mr. Quinn showed 6th class how to make the crosses and then 2nd class came in to the 6th class classroom and sat down. The confirmation class showed the younger children how to make the crosses and then everyone set to work making their own cross to bring
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Papier Mache

We have been making papier mache over the past few weeks. We had to bring in a bowl or vase covered in cling film to use as a mould. We used cling film to prevent the papier mache from sticking to the bowl. We used a mixture of PVA glue and water to stick strips of newspaper onto the bowl. We had to put
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