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Be Active ASAP

Children from 1st class and 2nd class are involved in the Be Active ASAP program which is designed to encourage children to participate in fun physical activity with an emphasis on enjoyment, learning and a variety of activity.

As part of the program parents act as leaders and each week work on activities with groups of children.

We had our first session on 26th May. Feedback from parents and children was positive with everyone having a good time and being very active.

“We had to jump over yellow hurdles, at the end there was bigger hurdles. we tried to remember that the same leg went over each hurdle first.” Kaylah (2nd)

“I liked duck, duck, goose” Daniel B (2nd)

“My favourite thing was duck, duck, goose” Caoimhe (2nd)


“I liked the throwing best because I liked throwing it high and catching it.” Zav (1st)

“My dad was doing throwing and catching the ball” Georgia (2nd)



       “My mum said it was fun. She was doing lots of different jumps” Noah (1st)

“We did star jumps, high five jumps, jumping over and back and saw who got the furthest in three jumps.” Aimee-Lee and Daniel G (2nd)

“I liked the jumping best.” Carrie (1st)

DSC01281  DSC01278

” I was the first one in my group to get my hula-hoop to stay around my waist and I liked doing the hula-hoop around my wrist” Finn (1st)

“We had to swing the hoop around our legs, our wrists then around our waists. It was very hard.” Tadhg (2nd)


” We had to get into teams and Deirdre gave us numbers. I was number 1 when Deirdre said a number we had to run down to the cone and then back. the first one back won.” Isabel (2nd)

“I liked the running best because it’s really good for the legs and it’s good training for the community games.” Bríain (2nd)



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