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Mother’s Day Cards – 1st Class

A selection of the cards we made for Mother’s Day.  

Ireland’s Fastest Feet

On Sunday 11th September a number of children from 1st and 2nd classes entered Sligo’s leg of Ireland’s Fastest Feet at the Regional Sports Complex. The children had the opportunity to run 20m through speed gates. The children all ran very well and received certificates for their efforts. We need to wait to see if any of the children make it through to the finals
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Be Active ASAP

Children from 1st class and 2nd class are involved in the Be Active ASAP program which is designed to encourage children to participate in fun physical activity with an emphasis on enjoyment, learning and a variety of activity. As part of the program parents act as leaders and each week work on activities with groups of children. We had our first session on 26th
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Active School Week – fun and movement

Mickey Downs put all the classes through their paces, junior infants to 2nd enjoyed a variety of activities and 3rd to 6th tried circuit training.

Active School Week – Irish Dancing

1st and 3rd class had a great time with Siobhan learning some steps or showing of their dancing ability.

Active School Week – Dance

All the classes were paired up to learn a dance with Aoibhín Buckley and enjoyed showing off their dance moves.


Last month, first class were learning all about the famous ship disaster ‘The Titanic’. Although the story was very sad, the children found it very interesting and were very eager to find out more. The children wrote about the disaster in their own words in the form of their own mini-book, which they read today with junior and senior infants. They wrote character accounts, pretending
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Chinese New Year

It was Chinese New Year on the 19th of February this year. 1st Class received a very interesting package  from a former classmate of theirs- Cillian. Cillian now lives in Singapore. They were so excited to see what was inside the package. We hurried to rip open the paper and were so amazed at what we found inside it. Cillian sent the children lots
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6th Class helping 1st Class

Some weeks back 1st class made beautiful snowflakes with the help of 6th Class. They created  these using just paper, scissors and sellotape. 6th Class helped them cut, fold and stick in the correct places for the first few sections, and by the end of the lesson, 1st Class were able to do it on their own! Thank you 6th Class for your wonderful
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Looking out the window at the beautiful winter scene all day, we just couldn’t resist stepping out into the snow. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.