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Sweet Shapes in Senior Infants!

We made 2-D and 3-D shapes using marshmallows and spaghetti.

When we used long spaghetti, our shapes were shaky and unsteady, so we decided to break the spaghetti in half.  Our shapes became more stable.  We made squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, cubes, pyramids, and cuboids.

“I put pieces of spaghetti inside the squares of my cube to make it more steady, then it made four triangles inside the squares”, said Romilly Rose.

“I loved making triangles”, said Conor.

“I made lots of squares”, said Isabel.

“I liked making diamond shapes”, said Eimear.

“I liked the taste of the marshmallows”, said Dylan.

“I liked making x’s inside the squares”, said Aoibhe.

“I made a house, with a cube with a pyramid on top”, said Ellie Rose.

“I made a star”, said Cass.


DSC07678 DSC07684 DSC07587 DSC07588 DSC07594 DSC07615 DSC07617 DSC07618


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