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Room on the Broom

Junior and Senior Infants went to the Hawks Well Theatre on Mon March 27th to see Room on the Broom. Afterwards they went to Kevinsfort playground for lunch and play time! The children loved Room on the Broom and were very lucky to get such a nice sunny day at the park!

Pyjama Day for Temple St. Hospital

    We had a Pyjama Day today for Temple st. Hospital. We wore our pyjamas to school and were snug and warm all day! Kyle is going to Temple St next week and we raised 220 euros to send with him as a thank you to the doctors and nurses for caring for sick children. We had hot chocolate and buns today as
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Senior Infants’ Doctor’s Visit

Senior Infants had a visit from Olivia’s dad Dr Zac Johnson on Monday morning. This was related to our current topic: The Hospital. The children were very excited to practise using a stethoscope, otoscope and ultrasound on eachother! Thanks to Dr Johnson for visiting us.

Senior Infant’s Maths week

              We played maths games every morning for Maths Week. Some of our parents came in to play the games with us. It was good fun. We enjoyed maths week.

Blast Off!

Senior Infants have been working on a Space theme in Aistear over the past few weeks, here are some photos of our activities!       Some of our activities included; We learned all about The Solar System and an easy way to remember the names of all the planets…My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets! We drew the solar system on black
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Lighthouse Keepers’ Lunch

Senior Infants are reading The Lighthouse Keepers Stories. One of the stories is called, The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.  We did some art work based on this story and studied an artist called Maud Lewis. Here are the some photos of us with our cool art!  

Irish Coast Guard

We had a very exciting morning in school today. An Irish Coast Guard helicopter landed in the GAA pitch beside our school!  While the helicopter was landing, it got very windy and noisy! We got a chance to walk through it and we found it very interesting.  A huge thanks to the crew for showing us inside the helicopter and for our cool wrist bands! Here
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Some more photos from Mad Hair Day!

Fruit Tasting

We have been reading the story Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne.  It is a funny story, Handa put seven fruit into a basket to bring to her friend Akeyo.  As Handa walked to Akeyo’s, animals took fruit out of her basket! Handa got a real surprise when she arrived at Akeyo’s. We had great fun tasting the fruit Handa had in her basket, bananas,
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Summer Drinks!

We made summer drinks in art.  We decided what flavour our drinks would be, added two full slices and two half slices of lemon, ice cubes and straws to our drinks. We also tasted some fruit flavoured drinks in class and talked about the importance of staying hydrated in this lovely sunny weather! Senior Infants