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Maths Games in Junior Infants

Sixth class came and showed us how to play some maths games so that we can now play them on our own.

Playing Games In Junior Infants

On Friday we enjoyed playing different games in class. We are learning to play independently, take turns, follow the rules, play fairly and win and lose graciously.  

Maths Stations in First Class!

In First Class we are working on addition, 2D and 3D shapes in our maths stations! We love Maths! See some photos….

Maths Games in Junior Infants

We played different maths games recently to practice turn taking, counting, matching, memorising, comparing and winning and losing graciously.

Shapes in the Environment

Today we went outside to find examples of different shapes. We found lots of rectangles, squares, circles and semi-circles but not many triangles. There were lots of large shapes on the basketball court that we could all stand on and walk around.

Senior Infant’s Maths week

              We played maths games every morning for Maths Week. Some of our parents came in to play the games with us. It was good fun. We enjoyed maths week.

2nd Class Maths Trail

Last week second class went outside to do a maths trail as part of maths week. During computers they worked in pairs to write a couple of sentences about the trail. We did a maths trail. The easiest bit was the table tops. We thought the front yard was the most fun. By Conor + Oisín D We did strides around the track we
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First Class Maths Trail

Last week First Class did a maths trail using Ipods and QR codes! We had great fun!

First class learning subtraction

We were learning all about subtraction in a fun way today. Here we are doing our activities.  

Sweet Shapes in Senior Infants!

We made 2-D and 3-D shapes using marshmallows and spaghetti. When we used long spaghetti, our shapes were shaky and unsteady, so we decided to break the spaghetti in half.  Our shapes became more stable.  We made squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, cubes, pyramids, and cuboids. “I put pieces of spaghetti inside the squares of my cube to make it more steady, then it made four triangles inside the
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