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Flat Stanley

We have just finished reading Flat Stanley, our first novel of the year and we participated in lots of activities related to the book.


We made a Flat Stanley of our own, took him home and to different places. Some children had their photograph taken with him and brought them into school.


We painted Flat Stanley, drew Stanley disguised as a shepherdess, designed a wanted poster for a sneak thief and talked a lot about the story.

We imagined what it was like to be a kite and wrote about the things Stanley felt, heard, saw and did while he was a kite.


Finally we wrote a review of the book and wrote some questions we’d like to ask Flat Stanley. A lot of the children wanted to know was it fun being flat. Others asked about being dressed as a shepherdess, what it felt like to be a kite, how it felt to be pumped up and what it was like to be squashed by a bulletin board.


We will soon be starting our second novel The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith.



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