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First Class painted a jar with fireflies in it. They did a really great job, see photos below…

Snowmen by Junior Infants

We painted snowmen. We put on eyes, a nose, a mouth and buttons, then we chose a colour for a scarf. Some of us put a hat and arms on our snowmen.

Second Class Art

Clarice Cliff was part of the ‘art deco’ artist movement. She loved to use vibrant colours; including blue, black, orange, green, red and yellow. We looked at some of her scenes and did our own paintings based on them.    

Sixth Class Christmas Village

Sixth class constructed a model Christmas village as our Art lesson over the last few weeks. First we constructed different shaped buildings from cardboard, paying particular attention to features like windows, doors, roofs and chimneys. Next we covered our structures with papier-mâché. When the papier-mâché dried, we designed shop-fronts for our buildings and painted them accordingly. Finally we added festive effects such as snow
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A better future for all the world’s children

Children in 5th  class Ransboro did a project on the theme “A better future for all the worlds’ children.” We worked in groups of two, each group selecting a country that Irish Aid assists. We thought about, talked through and researched the particular country of our choice. We examined the eight millennium development goals in detail. We paid particular attention to goals which combat
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Mural Art

Karen Webster came in to 5th and 6th class to talk about doing a  mural to promote recycling. Karen came in every Friday for a couple of weeks to get us to draw pictures that would go in the mural. Each week we did something different. Week 1 we drew on tracing paper using charcoal, week 2 we drew pictures using special pens and
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Autumn Art

First class have had a great time doing our Autumn art work the last few weeks. The first project we did were Not-So-Scary Scarecrows.  This had to be done over a few days but it was great to watch it come together step by step.  First the backgrounds were painted and detail was added using black paint.  Then the class created their scarecrows using different colours
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Patterned Paper Plates

We got a paper plate and we put some masking tape on it. We then painted it with a sponge. When it was dry we put more masking tape on the plate and put another coat of paint on the plate. We did this four times. When the last coat was dry, we carefully picked off all the masking tape and it made a
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String Prints

We did string printing for art yesterday. They were like foldover prints. We folded the page in half. We got string and put it into the paint. We used orange, yellow, blue, red, green and purple paint. Then we took the string out of the paint and put it on the piece of paper. Then we folded the paper over. We opened the paper
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Clay Masks

On Tuesday January 18th we made small masks out of clay. A man came in with a bag of clay and strips of plastic for the tables. The clay felt cold, damp and mushy. We used special tools for making details on the masks. First, we rolled it into a ball. Next, we squished it down and used a pencil to make a cross.
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