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Book Reviews by Rang II

Pupils in Rang II got the opportunity to get an advance copy of the new Zig and Zag book, “The Fridge in a Denim Jacket” and do some reviews on it for the Seomra Ranga website. These are their reviews: This was a great book. It was hilarious because it had lots of jokes. I thought the speech bubbles were very funny. The pictures
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Book Review: Snakehead

The name of the book is Snakehead. It is about a fourteen year old boy called Alex Ryder. He was recruited by MI6 to work as a spy. The author’s name is Anthony Horowitz. Alex Ryder’s parents were killed in a plane crash when he was only a baby. His uncle Ian Ryder adopted him but he was killed in a car crash when
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Book Review: The Cinnamon Tree

My book review is on a book called The Cinnamon Tree written by Aubrey Flegg. It is about a thirteen year old girl called Yola Abonda who lives in Africa. Her father is the chieftan of their tribe. One day she steps on a landmine and her leg has to be amputated. She has an argument with her stepmother (her father has three wives)
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Book Review: Lord Brocktree

The book I’m reviewing is called “Lord Brocktree”. It is part of a brilliant series, written by someone called Brian Jacques. The series is called “Redwall“, and you learn what this is by reading all the books. I have read nearly all of them, as most are in the County Library. Instead of human characters, it’s about (please don’t laugh) animals, and it’s set
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