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3rd/4th Class Explorer Projects

In History we have been learning about the life of Marco Polo. Marco was a famous 13th century explorer who was just 17 years old when he set off on a voyage to China and Mongolia. It was 22 tears before Marco returned home to Venice. His stories about what he had seen on his travels were so amazing that many people did not believe him. Some
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Third/Fourth Class Drawing

For  the last few weeks in Art we have been practising pencil drawings. We began by looking at examples of drawings and examining how shade and shadow are used to create a 3D effect. We then practised drawing spheres using the techniques studied to create depth. Our next lesson was to draw an apple and a bottle from observation. As we were drawing, we used torches
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Third and Fourth classes studied electricity in Science. We began by learning how electricity is generated and by examining all the uses of electricity in our homes and at school. We then discussed the dangers associated with electricity and how to use electricity in a safe manner. Our first investigation was to explore different ways of creating simple cicuits using a combination of bulbs, batteries and wires.
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Our County

Third and Fourth classes completed group projects on Co. Sligo. We spent a lot of time researching and writing about different aspects of Co Sligo. Some of the topics included in our projects were physical features of Sligo, the history of Sligo, tourist attractions and landmarks, famous Sligo people and industry in Co Sligo. We also sourced or drew suitable illustrations to enhance our projects.