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Carrowmore Field Trip

Fifth and sixth classes recently went on a field trip to Carrowmore Tombs, one of the four major passage tomb complexes in Ireland. Our tour guide, Padraig, began by showing us around the interpretive centre and explaining the history of the area. We then embarked on a guided tour of some of the ancient burial sites. We learned many interesting facts about the lives
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First and Second Class in Carrowmore

Our Visit to Carrowmore Tombs!

  Yesterday we went to Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery. An archaeologist called Gretta showed us around. Our favourite part was when we went into a tomb. We did rubbings on the tombs. Colm, Cliodhna & Ríon   The largest tomb we visited in Carrowmore is called Listoghil.  It is covered by a huge 4 metre cairn like the cairn that is on the top of
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