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Our Visit to Carrowmore Tombs!


Yesterday we went to Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery. An archaeologist called Gretta showed us around. Our favourite part was when we went into a tomb. We did rubbings on the tombs.

Colm, Cliodhna & Ríon
The largest tomb we visited in Carrowmore is called Listoghil.  It is covered by a huge 4 metre cairn like the cairn that is on the top of Knocknarea.  People were cremated and buried in this tomb.

There are inscriptions on one of the stones, this is the only passage tomb art that is in Carrowmore.  Gretta told us that the people used flint stones to write on the stones. We did some rubbings of the inscriptions.

 It was raining, we didn’t mind the rain it was fun!   We found out all about what life was like for the people 6 thousand years ago.  The people ate a lot of fish, bears, cattle & berries.  The people used the leather skins of the cattle for clothes and beds. They made clay pots and bowls and these were preserved in the ground for thousands of years!  This gave us the idea to make clay coil pots as part of our project.

We would like to thank Gretta, Kim, Mrs. Timoney, Ms. Hynes and the parents who came with us on our trip to Carrowmore!

1st & 2nd Class


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