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First 20 days in First Class!

DSC09044The children in First Class have been very busy since returning to school. We have introduced ourselves to our two new students Joe and Rhys and we have been learning about them. We shared stories about our families, our favourite things and what we did over the summer holidays.

We learned all about how leaves lose their colours and fall in Autumn and learned that the oak tree was considered the king of the forest. We learned too that if someone cut down an oak tree in Ireland in the past they had to pay two cows to replace the tree!


We have loved Irish legend stories, we have read, Oisín and Tír na nÓg, Cú Chulainn, The Salmon of Knowledge and Fionn Mac Cumhall.

DSC09023Our Aistear Topic is ‘The Zoo’, where we are learning all about Dublin Zoo, zoo animals and the people who work in a zoo.

We are busy artists too and have created some beautiful art work including leaf etching, paper plate animals, hand print art, sketching and we are making our own zoo animals in clay.

We have learned the days in the week and how to count to 100 as Gaeilge as well as fun poems in Irish and English!

We have made our own dictionaries for tricky and new words.

First Class is a lot of fun!


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