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News Update July 2016


Dear Parents,

The following is an update that I am only getting around to sending now.

5th Class Teacher

Mr. Graham Quinn will be the 5th class teacher for next year.

New Equipment for Soft Play Area

Thanks to a very generous donation from a parent, it has been made possible for us to purchase a new piece of equipment for the soft play area. We hope to have this in place before the children are back to school. The piece that has been ordered is “Balance posts with rope and stepping posts”. We are most grateful for this extremely kind and generous gesture and we look forward to the children getting great enjoyment from this.

“Swim For A Mile” Fundraiser

Sincere thanks to Michael Farrell who completed this event to raise funds for The Glen and Ransboro National School. The princely sum of €1200 was raised. Thanks to Linda and John Golden who were instrumental in linking with Michael and fundraising also. Thanks also to any parents who supported. The money is being used for the following items which have been ordered: a listening centre (€100), large soft play equipment for Occupational Therapy programmes in The Glen (€650), construction material and play activities(€200), and a small portion (€250) is being used in conjunction with the donation outlined above for the new playground piece of equipment. It is only with extra monies that come from such generous donations and fundraising, that we can provide such wonderful additional facilities for our children.


We wish you all a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you back again at the end of August.

Every good wish,

Siobhán Clarke


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