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Minibeast Hunt

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We went on a Mini beast Hunt around our school! Mrs. McDaniel came in to talk to the Junior and Senior Infants and helped us identify the mini beasts we found! Mrs. McDaniel is a Zoologist and works with the Green Schools Committee.

We found several different types of mini beasts around our school. Here is a list of some of them; snails, ants, beetles, bees, worms, woodlice, butterflies, centipedes, flatworms, caterpillars, ladybirds, flies, wasps and spiders.

We recorded what we found and discussed the different characteristics of each one. We also noted the different types of habitats in which we found them.

We had great fun and a huge Thank You to Mrs. McDaniel for taking the time to come in and give us a presentation on mini beasts and help us with our hunt!

Junior and Senior Infants



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