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The House That Jack Filled

On the 22nd of October, the children from second to fifth class began our interesting journey into the life of Jack Mac Nally. We took the bus and our excitement filled the air as we drove to the Hawkswell. As we entered the auditorium we noticed the set was beautifuly decorated.

Jack was played by Lewis Lovett. He appeared on the stage wearing a snorkel and a pair of slippers. He introduced his hotel as “Mac Nally’s By the Sea.” He had inherited the hotel from his parents along with his brother Jake but the hotel was too old fashioned for Jake. Jake went off and built big modern hotels in Europe.

Jack had a vast amount of hotel guests, the oldest being Mrs. Chelsey. Mrs. Chelsey stayed in the same room overlooking the river. Jack portrayed each of the characters, both male and female. He was very funny and even had a fabulous singing voice while mimicking the Italian opeara singers Norma and Dorma. There was another actor playing Melaniwe Woodcot whom Jack loved dearly.

One day Jack woke to find his beloved river had been replaced with mud. After a brief phone call from his brother Jake he realised that his brother had built a new hotel blocking the flow of the river. This problem made the plot of the play interesting as we wondered the fate of Jack’s hotel.

We all really enjoyed the play and thought the acting was fantastic. Our favourite character was Jake.



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