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Planting a Willow Fedge

Willow Fedge 01

Yesterday we went out to our organic garden. A lady called Ciara from the Organic Centre in Rossinver  came to help us make a willow fedge around our organic garden. A fedge is a cross between a hedge and a fence. The type of willow tree we used is called basket willow. It is good for making a fedge because you can bend it a lot and make lots of things with it. She showed us how to make the fedge but it was a bit confusing. She weaved the willow branches together and crossed them in and out. The fedge will become a living fence because leaves will grow on it and it will get bigger. Ciara said that we will have to cut it back each year because it will grow really high in one year alone. She showed us how to make an arch to go into our organic garden. When it grows it will look nice.

By Rang II & Rang III

Willow Fedge 02


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